Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work Day 1

March 25th 2012

I had 21 people show up in the rain to help me fix my house.

Here are some photos:

finishing the hole with Tyvek and boards to fer out a spot for the siding to go over.

More rot in the down stairs bathroom.

trying to save the asbestos as bestos as we can.

dumpsters are expensive.
we filled it to the brim.
and I got a deal!

two generaters

im gonna burn this one day.
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A huge "thank you" goes out to:

Megan McNally, Mike Zak, Mike Gainer (& the two friends/helpers he brought), Mike Raligh, Dan Ash, Jerri (mom), Brian, Nick Bickford, James Ratchford (without him I would not have these photos, or a new hole in my bathroom!), Kevin Bauch, Greg, Pat Braun, Josh Reis & Emily Lenore, Terra Dumas, Carrie Nader, Sherri Miller, Arcadia, Daniel Robison. 

Fixing the Hole

Before the new roof was put on my house. There was some water damage. Some of the supporting vertical studs were rotten. This is a major structural issue that has to be fixed right away.

The problem was discovered, when I found a hole in the upstairs hall way. I could see the outside.  When one rached their hand through, the supporting studs crumbled. ahhh!

This was a 3 day long project in the cold and rainy beginging of December.

tearing down the house

We had to tear a big hole in my house to get to the rotten stuff.

It made me think about how if we let rotten stuff into our body, mind, spirit, we have to go back and do more work (cleanse, detoxify) to get the rot out, before we can put the new stuff in. Its pretty annoying.

view at bottom of chimney / basement
  Dan & Mike:

jacking it up
 Borrowed a jack to lift up the house from the basement, so we could remove the rotted sill plate (the horzontal board between the house and the basement) and replace it with a fresh one.
the new boards resting on the sill plate are sistered to the old jocics in the basement for support

  Cutting away the siding, where the lath, blown in insulation,
  and studs are hiding.

Mike is taking down the lath so we can get to the rotten studs.

Dan & Mike! Two hard working friends I like!!
Adding new material!

secure structure!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nora's New Nook

This house was said to be built in 1872!!
It was purchased at the Foreclosure Auction for 1k.
The auction happens annually in October.

It is located in the largest section of Buffalo, the East Side.
My neighbours across the street have lived there for over 45yrs.
Its a whole family that lives together. 
One of the ladies that I met on the first day I checked it outs name is Bonita!
(That also happens to be the name of a lady I worked with for a long time.)

There is a beautiful brick house next to mine which my friends Mike & Dan will be working on.
Their goal is to save the houses on the east side from being being demolished & resell them.
I did like the brick, but a lot more work had to be done to it.
The whole place had to be gutted and the basement is flooded.
So I went with the yellow house, mine, next to it.

On the other side of me is a church.
With free food on fridays!

My house is smiling!!
Because under those Asbestos shingles is some beautiful wood siding.
check out those beautiful long windows just waiting for a porch to be built for stepping out onto.
This group of three photos is the south side where the sun shines. I am planning to rip off the closed in porch:

This is the back that I enter in from:
After passing the basement on the right and the added on pantry to the left you enter the kitchen.
oh la la
 I really like how the stairs are in the middle of the house rather than on the side.

Off of the left rear corner of the kitchen in a small nook where the toilet is. Perfect for a downstairs emergency. And conveniently placed close to the kitchen sink.

Off of the kitchen is the dining room, than the following room at the front of the house is living.
I will most likely close it off until I can figure out exactly what I want to do with this room.
But I have a lot of time to think about it. 
& look, who ever had it before decided to leave me a free fireplace!

Up the stairs and into the hallway.
This is the biggest problem. 
There are shelves that are built against the wall in the upstairs hall way. When I opened the door to this storage shelf, I could see the outside. 
When looking at the point from the outside, it is bulging out.
The house is bulging on one side. The studs & supports where this: is are weak.
My friend put their hand through that hole and easily punched out an even bigger one. So, my first task is to rip out the hall way until I get to a spot that is secure.

I am hoping that the bad frame does not go up into the roof or crawl space/ attic area. This area will most likely cost more to fix than I bought my house for.

Just as the downstairs toilet room was small. So is the upstairs bathroom. Very very tiny.
But why do you need to live in the bath room anyway?

the next two photos are of the back bedroom:
The windows here overlook my back cement yard that I will build raised beds on.
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<Front bedroom with the long windows. See, they are pretty much at your feet.

 A cool thing about the floors in each bedroom is that, the patterned linoleum sheets that are laid over the wood are so old that they are not made any longer. I am going to attempt to preserve at least a piece of each one. 

Here are some tires that were stored in the fourier of the house. Maybe used in the future for building a tire Earthship

There were not this many tires. I just wanted to be artsy and take photos of them.

I liked this song in highschool. i thought it was relevent.